Marlboro got some Stylish Customers

There isn't a introduction required for them. The twins, nor the cigarette brand. I used to be a huge fan of Full House, and as an extension, Mary Kate and Ashley. I recall a movie I watched as a young teen called It Takes Two and I wondered how great it would be to have a twin.

And then I grew up, and forgot about them. Recently, scrolling through Pinterest, I found a photo of theirs, and as with all internet rabbit holes, I landed up looking at a whole lot of their photos. And oh boy, do they look Marlboro look good.

In all the photos I saw during my 'mk & a internet rabbit hole' phase, I noticed the cigarettes, but also the alc of colour. Their attire is typically coordinated, and they're in black and/or white. Their fashion label, The Row, further epitomises this. On The Row, I found minimalistic pieces that were so beautiful, and a tad above what my pockets would allow for.

I do appreciate their bond, they work together and maybe, it's all for the paparazzi, but either way, I do enjoy looking at them smoking, in great outfits - mostly black and white.

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