Tropical Island Colours of Zanzibar

Nestled on the east coast of Sub Saharan Africa, this small island has become very popular in the last couple of years. Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, a tropical island influenced by varied cultures, from India, Persia and the Arab world. The warm and lush tones of the island give the perfect backdrop for a relaxing holiday.

While walking the lanes of Stone Town - every corner and winding alley is truly an artist's delight. 

We stayed in Stone Town for a couple of nights before heading to Kizimkazi - a lazy fishing village in the south of the island.

Aesthetically designed hotel interiors.

Palm trees aplenty give the island its tropical feel.

Inside the Swahili House, we met the staff and they were warm and friendly. Swahili House is a must visit if you are visiting Zanzibar.

Photos depicting the rich history and ties that Zanzibar enjoyed.

Swahili House

One of my favorite combinations, black and white tiles with the swaying palm.

I loved how every nook and corner is a place to relax.

A cafe with a laid back setting.

Colorful paintings inspired by the Masai Mara.

Prison Island.

Our boat guide picked this starfish for us - which we promptly put back in the ocean.

Life is generally slower here.

People put out planted pots outside their doors - this was the case for most of the houses in Stone Town.

A hen crossing the road.

Buy what you want.

Loved the design of the hotel we stayed at in Stone Town.

The hotel we stayed at - Antonio Garden.
We stayed at Antonio Garden and totally recommend it. A lovely pool, bar and lounge chairs. Breakfast Buffet was wholesome and served up a good spread too.

This is one of my favorite shots. The white sand and the turquoise waters. This was on Paje beach.
When we were on the flight back, I knew I'd definitely go back. It was one of the most relaxing holidays I had had. Finished reading more books than in a long time and got myself a good tan. Visa on Arrival, Daily Flights and affordable accommodation make the island a good option especially from the Middle East. There's not much to do on the island except relax. Perfect holiday.

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