Food to try when in Singapore

Maybe, people do travel to Singapore for a holiday for their minds, souls & stomachs. Before I traveled to the small island city, a lot of friends & colleagues who'd already been there advised me to try everything edible (& in my case, vegetarian) in S'pore. My expectations were high. I was looking forward to some innovative food, designer cafes, local dishes & mind blowing desserts. And I wasn't disappointed. I've just put together some of the food I enjoyed (as a Vegetarian).

Seaweed Snacks : This is an acquired taste, but the more I ate, the more I wanted to eat. These are definitely a specialty of the far east and a must try.

Healthy Chips : Lotus root chips anyone? As I mentioned, you'll find a lot of innovative food in Singapore, and if you're okay to experiment, you'll land up tasting some genuinely amazing food.

Desserts : If there is one dessert I remember, it was the gelato. It was absolutely delicious - and it made for a lovely Instagram worthy photo as well. A lot of effort is made to ensure that the dessert isn't only tasty but also picture perfect.

Matcha flavour : The matcha flavour is popular and well liked in Singapore and you'll find tea, ice creams, donuts, buns, bread - just about anything possible with a hint of the green coloured matcha flavour.

Paris Baguette : We were walking through the metro station when we spotted this small cafe. They had a pretty large selection of salads and baguettes for vegetarians and I personally loved that I could make my own salad bowl - with walnuts, mandarin, cherries, cheese and some baby spinach. This eaterie is a must go to if your'e in Singapore - healthy and delicious food.

Local fruits : While doing street shopping, spotting these fruits was heaven. Singapore gets pretty humid & hot, and street side vendors sell local fruits to shoppers' delight. Do try the refrigerated coconut water or some litchi.

Fennel Cafe : We had a lovely meal at the gardens by the bay - in a cafe called Fennel. The food was so nice, I forgot to take a photo of my dish. The ambiance was very classy too.

The basics : As a vegetarian, I find myself ordering the margherita pizza quite often, for lack of better options. But Singapore surprised me with a lot of options for my taste buds. Simple bread pizzas, vegan waffles & pancakes, noodle soups and many more dishes. I never felt like I had to compromise.

Singapore is truly a foodie heaven - and there's no dearth of options for everyone's palate. I would go back to this beautiful island city just for satisfying my gourmand soul. Maybe that & some nice beach & shopping time. What was your favorite part of Singapore?

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