Street Photography in Stown Town, Zanzibar

I visited Zanzibar almost 10 months ago but for some reason or the other - never got around to updating the blog. When I close my eyes - I can still see the light blue sparkling water of the ocean and the night sky - full of a million stars. But adjacent to the beaches is a small town - where the airport is located, where majority of the people stay - Zanzibar City. Stone Town, the cultural and UNESCO heritage site is close by.
The town has paved narrow alleyways and lanes, with locals dressed in colorful outfits. Small stores are adorned with intricate carved doors and plants.

You can see the clear blue sky as you walk down every lane in Stone Town.

A couple staircases lead to almost every house. I personally loved the doors - each one unique with its own character. Potted plants and cats aplenty.

Some hotels in Stone Town employ the Masai tribe - to guard , as general porters , to run small errands. This particular Masai helped us with our luggage and was super friendly.

There are a dozen of cultural walking tours lead by licences tour guides. This was a famous door I believe - or a famous house with a lovely door.

A snack shop.

Shops sell rat and lizard skin - apparently to ward off evil spirit. We did not buy one.

I loved the plants in every nook and corner - they give such a tropical feel.
Life is slow in Stone Town, you barely need a clock, the town shuts early - by 8ish it's all pitch dark. We used a map the first day but for the next couple of days, we ditched it - got lost - and then figured our way around. Locals are shy, kids inquisitive and so friendly.

Hope you're all safe and sound in your homes. xx

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