Product review - Travel Accessories from Urby

I love to travel. My bucket list seems to be always longer than my grocery list - which is also always long. So when Urby reached out to me a couple of months ago to review their travel accessories - I gladly said yes. I am always looking for niche smaller companies to talk about - I genuinely think so many of them deserve a wider audience.

I received the cutest package from Urby last month. A black box. For me, packaging speaks a lot. Was it plastic wrapped? Paper? Jute? Urby sent me two of their limited edition customized 'Dexter slim travel wallet - Gunmetal' and they sent it to me in lovely drawstring pouches. I waited a bit before doing the review because I wanted to use it first. I'm still old fashioned that way.

The passport holders are made of fine premium leather, and have 'Urby' engraved on one side. On the other side, my name was written - in a not 'over the top' golden ink. The word passport was also written in a highly italicized manner. I loved this personalization - minimalist but nice. The stitching is surprisingly very neat and even the insides of the passport holder feel soft and luxurious. You can easily make out the quality is top notch.

I personally like the choice of colors and textures offered across the Urby portfolio. They speak of a subtle luxury - the kind you find when you browse the pages of an upscale wine magazine. The Olive Green and Caramel Tan are my favourites - along with the Gun Metal which I received.

I did not want the ordinary open and close flap kind of passport holder. Those are so common. I chose these instead. Easy to pull out and push in. It came with several slots to put the ticket, cash, boarding pass, cards etc - a convenient travel accessory.

The description for this wallet read 'One of the most requested feature was to have a passport wallet in which the passport slides in and out rather than being tucked inside. Additionally, the card slots were asked to be on the outside so that the payment is in a breeze.' I think this is so on point. Having used this on my last trip - I can say that it's easier to use this. Ergonomics done right.

Urby is a luxe lifestyle brand and you can see from their product offerings that the brand truly believes in good craftsmanship at affordable prices. Personalization costs an additional INR 150.

The website - urby dot in - offers free delivery and easy returns (not if you have personalized it). And. A one year guarantee. I feel these small details are essential as there are so many brands that are focused on the aesthetics that they sometimes forget that at the end of the day - it is a travel accessory - and the usage will be rough. I mean you don't want the stitching to come off half way through your trip!

I did have a look at some of the other products that Urby offers - and quite liked their wallets. The portfolio is wide - I feel like the team behind Urby has put in some thought into designing each new product. Their 'Women's card holder wallet' made a lot of sense to me. I also liked Emma - so versatile and beautiful.
The colours, designs and the build make them great gifts as well. You can also check out their men's wallet section here

So where are you traveling to next?

Have a great week ahead. Also, summer is here - have mangoes, stay hydrated and enjoy all the whites in your wardrobe.


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