Statement neck pieces I'm obsessing over

I don't know if you have watched Grace & Frankie - I did and I loved it. Watched a few episodes twice over. I have always liked Jane Fonda but I fell in love with Lily Tomlin a.k.a Frankie. Her character resonated with me - and so did her accessories. Boho , hippie, statement & bold. I would pause and stare for a while at most of her neck pieces and in some sense - her character inspired in me a love for bold neck pieces. I found a few online stores and I thought of sharing some of the designs that I liked here.

A still from Grace & Frankie



I particularly liked the combination of rough stones and metal - they're so bold - in fact you can wear just a pair of linen pants and a tee and throw a rough stone statement neck piece.










Some of the online stores I really liked were Havana Flamingo , David Aubrey , Afrikea , Adina Mills , Aerow Handmade. Would you wear these statement neck pieces ? Which one is your favourite ? Would love to hear your thoughts xx

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