10 all time favorite feel good movies

Yesterday, I saw myself flipping through three hard dives searching for that perfect movie. This has happened to me before. All I wanted to do was watch a feel-good movie, otherwise, in my terms, defined as a chic flick. There are some movies, which even if you watch for the hundredth time, still leave you dreamy. And then there are some, which you've heard about so often, that you want to push yourself to watch them, but just can't go ahead.

We all need happily ever afters amidst our daily chores and a good laugh after long meetings. Here, I'm listing my happy movies, the ones I can rely on to cheer me up after a bad week or a blah day at work.

Just like Heaven

Maybe it's Mark Ruffalo, or maybe that the movie makes the existence of spirits so very normal. I have this thing for love-hate relationships, that gradually turn into love stories. I liked how there's subtle humor and slapstick comedy ever so often. Okay, I like romantic comedies, but for some reason, it's got to be balanced well. Too much romance and it's no longer on my list of go-to movies. And this movie does it so well.

27 Dresses

Katherine Heigl usually finds herself, (or directs one) in these sweet and sour romantic stories. Kevin is this talented writer, who's cocky and cute (brownie points) and he meets Jane, who's an assistant to a self made billionaire. And to add to the story, there's a best friend and a sister too.

Sweet Home Alabama

I may have watched this so many times, I know the dialogues by heart. Reese Witherspoon has become a successful fashion designer, and has the mayor's son totally in love with her - that's how it starts. From the bustle of NY city, she takes off to Alabama, where, well she had literally left a life behind. She finds herself stuck in between Alabama and NY - each associated with one man in her life. I love Patrick Dempsey (thanks to the time I spent watching Greys Anatomy), but guess who I rooted for? *the heart wants what it wants*

The Holiday

Just listening to the star cast could and would make you fall in love with this movie.  A successful movie trailer maker has an issue - she can't get more emotional than required. The movie starts with a break up, and Cameron Diaz decides to go off on a holiday, to a small town in UK - and the setting is so magical. And guess whom she meets, the 'Jude Law'. Enough said, go and watch the movie if you haven't yet. Also, there's Kate Winslet and Jack Black too - and everyone's enjoying Christmas.

Before Sunrise

This is the first part of a long story - where 2 strangers meet on a train and enter into a wild conversation. The 2 strangers/ acquaintances/ friends flirt and end up getting off the train - just for the evening. The chemistry between Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy is what made this movie tick, and the sequel and the 2nd sequel. I loved this movie because it seems so real, so casual yet so special. Meeting someone on the train, exploring a city together - not magical but the work of gods. Watch this movie first, then go on to Before Sunset and Before Midnight. All 3 movies capture life, dilemma, choices, decisions, love at different points in their lives.

Someone Like you

For some  reason, I got around to watching this movie very recently. The title was deceptive, perhaps too generic. After a couple of minutes, I found myself pleasantly surprised to see Hugh Jackman. This version of him was like a sunny day in Iceland haha. I guess it is predictable - like these type of movies are. After a hot relationship with a new guy at work, Ashley Judd faces rejection and is trying to deal with it (in the process uses cows and all). You'll understand when you see it.

10 things I hate about you

The movie is set in high school - classrooms, mean girls, crazy geeky boys, and and and - Heath Ledger - with his smile. I was actually surprised to see the 'Joker' in this movie - in a very different avatar obviously. A guy is trying to get noticed by the apparently prettiest girl in school and for this, develops a strategy - which ultimately does work out! It's not your average teenage drama and that is why I have included this move here.

You've Got Mail

This has to be one of my favourites - every single time I watch it, I go Awww. Actually, any movie with Tom Hanks in it is going to be on most people's favorite list. So this movie is set when 'Email-ing' was a new concept (now obviously replaced by a million other ways of communication). 2 strangers find themselves drawn to each other. They start sharing small thoughts, questions, the day that was but they refrain from sharing any personal details so they can not find out who the other is. One rule. Will they break it?

Because I said so

This is the classic story of the lead lady always choosing the wrong men. The beautiful Mandy Moore is the youngest of 3 sisters in a close knit family. Their mom has finally taken it upon herself to find Mandy the perfect guy. A warm lovely movie with the mom interviewing guys for her daughter haha. Oh, there's Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) too. This is actually one of those perfect movies to watch with your girlfriends while wearing pajamas.

Bridget Jones Diary

I remember a scene from the movie - where 32 yo Bridget (Renee Zellweger) is having copious amounts of ice cream in her pajamas, while facing a rough patch in her personal life. She plays her role so well, a smart woman, who has her foot in her mouth at all the important moments. She has had a crush on her colleague (Hugh Grant) forever and now there's a new guy who also causes her to act stupid. The 2 men - one cocky and playful (read: girl chaser) and the other, a sophisticated lawyer and gentleman, play their parts well, confusing her even more. The movie is one of my go to favourites - her absolutely original and relatable thought process and the hundreds of witty dialogues.

Eat Pray Love and Pretty Woman are 2 other movies which leave me inspired, happy and give me a feeling that the 2 hours I just spent were worth it. But you would already know these 2! Also, 2 weeks notice and Pride and Prejudice (love the book also).

When I think about this genre, the love/ romantic and comedy genre, there are so many movies to be honest. Another movie I totally can watch a few times is The Proposal. (It is because of Ryan Reynolds, but also because I loved the setting of the movie). I'll stop for now. Because as I sign off I can think of another 5 movies at least. Any movies that you can recommend that fall in this genre which leave you feeling happy? Leave a comment below.
Happy weekend guys ! Enjoy the summer x

Please don't check the IMDB ratings of these, you'll never watch them.

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  1. I would add 'my best friend's wedding' and 'if only' to the list! But a good compilation overall :)

    1. My best friend's wedding - totally agree; that had a nice humor element too.