Loving Kama Ayurveda - A Daily Routine

What's the best way to while away time when you are already checked in but your flight is delayed? (Thankfully not over booked, just delayed!!) A couple of weeks ago, I was wandering around the Mumbai international airport searching for a phone cover. I went from gate to gate, for I really had all the time in the world. I did not find what I was looking for, but I came across a store I couldn't walk away from. And it wasn't the store decor or the lovely sales person, it was the products. The actual products.

Kama Ayurveda - A daily routine
I picked up the lip balm and the soap. They had cleverly displayed these for everyone to see, right outside. I actually wanted to buy only 1 LIP BALM. I started reading about each of the products.
'Kama Ayurveda' with original Ayurveda recipes that has product names even more beautiful than the packaging. The products are mostly made in Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc. Their packaging is a class apart, with beautiful golden floral patterns on the boxes. While I struggled to hold the lip balm and the soap in one hand and a book in the other, the lovely sales person gave me a small basket. Actually, she walked around with me holding the basket. In went the body oil, the intensive hair oil, the face cream, the foot scrub and I surprised myself buying something called the miraculous beauty fluid.

I did not want to post a review immediately as I spent quite a bit and wanted to know if these products were worth the money and the praise I have heard of Kama Ayurveda. I wrote of my experience with the products I now use daily and have made way into my daily wellness care routine.

The 'Kumkumadi' or the Miraculous beauty fluid

This is a tiny bottle holding 12 ml of an age old prescribed recipe to even the skin tone and *brighten* it. No, I do not want to brighten my complexion by any magic, I love my skin. But this technically illuminates your face, giving it a nice even glow. I have been using this for a little more than 2 weeks, applying it religiously before I sleep, and the difference is significant. My skin feels less tired and more taut. In fact, as I write this post, I have the Kumkumadi on my face :) Did I mention this also works on dark eye circles? You can thank me later.
How to apply - Step 1 - Clean your face. Step 2 - Apply Kumkumadi. Step 3 - Massage gently and briefly. Step 4 - Sleep.
This is probably one of the best products I have run into EVER.

Good things come in small tiny packages.

The 'Eladi' or Ayurvedic face cream

This small 50 grams round box comes with a tiny wooden spoon that I quite liked. Just before rushing to office, I apply a dab of it on my face. It's not greasy and that is a huge relief as my skin is already quite oily and I do not want anything adding to that. This daily face day moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated which also makes me feel good. I like the delicate floral fragrance that stay awhile before disappearing.
How to apply - Step 1 - Clean your face. Step 2 - Apply all over the face. Step 3 - Rush to work.

The Kumkumadi and Eladi (or the night and day cream) have become daily essentials and I use other products a couple of times every week.

Packaging done right.

Everyday routine.

The 'Bringadi' or the Intensive hair care oil

Some time late last year, I coloured my hair, and it did not become as dry as I though it would, but nonetheless, my hair did get dry. I picked up the hair oil as I haven't done any exceptional hair care routine post coloring (and thus I justified the purchase to myself). Again a small bottle, bigger than the magical Kumkumadi though. I've used it a couple of times though I follow it up with a slightly intensive shampoo (I did not get a shampoo from Kama because I am not too experimental with my hair, though on second thoughts, I should have) My hair has grown softer in spite of it being coloured and treated which is such a wondrous relief as it has been getting drier. Also, I love the smell that reminds me of an old medicine from long ago.

Made in Kerala, by the way.

The 'Madhuvanti' or the Calming body oil

I love pampering my skin. And body oils are my weakness. If they've got essential oils like lavendar and ylang ylang, I don't have a choice, I just quietly pick them up. This is a 100 ml bottle with a profoundly smelling oil that I gently apply on my body after a bath. The skin is still damp and will absorb maximum absorption. The fragrance is exactly as described. Apply, breathe in, you brain does a small swirl of a dance. I am loving it. I am yet to see a significant impact to my skin to be honest, but again, I am not using this every day, only the days I am stressed.
How to apply - Best time : Just after your bath when you're still damp Step 1 - Apply the oil on your skin. Step 2 - Give your skin some time to absorb the oil.

Other products I loved were the lip balm and the foot scrub. I bought the almond and coconut lip balm, it leaves my lips so soft and is nude, so at times, I used it as a base and then apply lip colour on top. I also bought the Vanilla and oatmeal soap, which I am yet to use to be honest. I am quite immaculately stocked in the soap department for a few years I think.

The entire Kama Ayurveda shopping haul

I grew up in God's Own Country, Kerala, so I find it a strange to pay so much for these products, but having used them, and knowing I can't always go home to buy Ayurvedic products, I think they're worth the hype and the prices!

Have you guys bought products from Kama Ayurveda? Which has been your all time favourite? Which would you like to try from my haul? 

Note - You can buy the products online from their website kamaayurveda.com that is also an online store.


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