Our stay in Kumarakom - Aveda Resort

I am not a fan of writing reviews, it really does sound like I am endorsing the place - but the resort we stayed in recently was nothing short of spectacular. When I packed my bags from Kuwait to come home, that one trip every child looks forward to, I had in mind a small weekend getaway so we could spend some quality time as a family.
We chose Kumarakom for multiple reasons :
The place is only a couple of hours away from the city, yet is totally isolated from the noise and pollution.
The only traffic jam you may find is of 2 house / fishing boats coming close to each other.

Kumarakom is so lush, paddy fields and water ways intertwining magically with coconut trees, that you're tempted to say out aloud, "Kerala is so beautiful".

Over the years, Kumarakom has attracted some big names - Radisson and Taj to name a few. And I am pretty sure that if there was more prime space available we would have a Sheraton there too!

I remember visting Kumarakom Lake Resort several years ago, we'd loved it there. But this time, since it was a last minute booking, there was just one room available - their most expensive suite and I was not willing to spend so much for 2 days, not yet.

We then did some research and came across Aveda Resort. I asked around a bit and realised this place is quite new. I saw the infinty pool and I think that's when the resort had my money.

Aveda is nestled in a quiet space between lush greenery on either side and the backwaters in the front. The infinity pool is really one of the best. As you enter the lobby, there's a lot of natural light peeping in through the open ceiling. We were greeted with some refreshment and a cold towel. The staff were really friendly and polite.

Our villa (like many of the villas) was facing the pool. My sister and I were ecstatic. We couldn't wait to jump in. The interiors of our room were nicely done up. A plush bed with carefully decorated flowers to welcome us; lovely linen (this is such a deal maker or breaker for me); an open shower - this opens to an occassional creeper and then the open sky; and other comforts.

We hit the pool and lazed around until after sunset. Time flies when you're having a nice time. We spent the first evening having a long conversation with mom and dad, and then had a sumptuous long dinner. The chef would personally come and ask the guests how the food was. And the food was amazing - even for vegtarians.

Mornings were spent having lazy breakfasts, taking photos, more pool time and more food. The pool is well done up, with flowering plants all around the pool and tiny islands of gardens inside the pool. The fact that you can stare at the beautiful backwaters from the pool is amazing. Swaying coconut trees are like the sprinkles on the cupcake. Such a perfect setting for a perfect weekend.

Aveda also has a great ayurveda massage facility - though we opted out of it. At the entrance to this ayurveda spa is a tiny pond with the a lovely water lily welcoming you.

We walked around a bit - there were so many pretty flowers everywhere and lovely (but highly shy) ducks too! And did I mention the hammocks? I have this thing for swings, hammocks and am pretty sure I had a think for the cradle as a baby. I remember my mom affirming that. These hammocks have the best view - of coconut trees of course.

Kumarakom is a 2 hour drive from Kochi and the roads are quite nice. It's perfect for a weekend getaway. I would definitely recommend this beautiful village by the backwaters and if you're looking for a medium - not too expensive resort - then Aveda resort is a a great choice.

I recommend not taking the villas with the pool as the pool is honestly quite small and won't be worth the incremental amount you'll pay.
Take the option with the meals - their buffet spread is pretty darn good.
Don't miss their complimentary house boat ride and remember to take tonnes of photos.

I hope the review was useful! Have you been to Kumarakom? Which is your favourite resort? I would love to hear - leave a comment xx


  1. Beautiful photographs and lovely narration!

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