Food trailing in Bombay

Bombay. Ahhh. Just the thought of this city brings back smells and sights and sounds. I think of vada pav. I think of posh eateries. I think of how I crane my neck just a little every time I am on the Worli sea link (been there countless times before). I think of all the street shopping I do each time. But it is the food that holds a place in my heart. Some of the eateries we went to and had some delicious meals and had a great time too -

1. Grandmama's Cafe - Dadar

When I was little, we had gone to Dadar. I remember my father telling me not to get lost at the Dadar station - and for good reason. Dadar is one of the most crowded of stations which translates to one of the most densely populated pin codes of Bombay. So this little cafe is a welcome change. As you enter, there's a cycle hanging on top. The tiles change to a beautiful design and as you step in to the AC, you start to notice a very charming interior - feminine, victorian era types with a striking green door that is so photograph worthy. The food is nice - I would say the cafe became famous because of it's locality and ambience and only secondly because of its food. It's nice - not awesome !
Recommended dish - The veg sandwich with paneer

I told you - an actual cycle up on the wall.

2. Ramashray - Matunga

Can you go to a city and not try the dosa there? I can't. I think it comes with spending 25 years in south India. I was shocked to see a queue. Seeing my face, a friendly couple soothed me saying that the queue moves fast. It did move fast - we got to sit in 5 minutes. The ambience is average. It is crowded, noisy and basic. But the food - it is amazing. We ordered a plate of butter idli, upma and masala dosa. I can't decide which was better. And it is very reasonable. I may have ordered another dosa had my stomach felt a little less fuller.
Recommended dish - butter idli and masala dosa (actually I have a feeling whatever you order it'll outdo every dish you've had)

When I decide to keep only my smile.

3. Leopold cafe - Colaba

I think this is one of the landmark eateries in Bombay. Is it over hyped? Might be. Is it over priced? Most likely. Will I go there again? Yes. To be honest, I remember Leopold for their food. I love it. I usually order a plate of pasta and I ordered it this time around too. And I finished every last bit of fuselli. It being in Colaba Causeway helps - as you're going to need a good break from the heat and shopping.
Recommended dish - Veg pan fried pasta

Have you seen food and a grumpy face in the same frame? Ever?

4. Social - Palladium, Lower Parel

We went to Social twice in 2 days. The food and ambience were pretty nice. We had a weird experience the first time - we'd asked for a phone charger and we were in fact desperate for one. The first guy told us that nobody had a charger. The second guy said he'll charge it for us. Oh well. We were just so grateful to have some charge on our phones. We ordered dal makhani and quite liked it. Okay - I am craving food now. We actually continued eating the dal well after we ran out of roti. The dal makhani was amazing. Second time around - we also danced a bit. The music was hip hop, it was crowded and we did let our hair down.
Recommended dish - Dal makhani

5. Britannia Cafe - Ballard Estate

Nestled in the quiet Ballard Estate, this Indo Iranian eaterie should be on your list of places to go if you're in Bombay (even for a vegetarian). It's an old run down kind of place - nothing too fancy. There's an old man who sometimes takes orders, he's 95. He's also the owner of the place; his son sits at the cashiers. The old man is a great story teller. He's also very charming - he made us 3 girls feel like princesses. But it is not the friendliness of the place that I decided to go back there for. It is their signature pulav - called berry pulav. The veg one is amazing - I think we finished the whole thing. Tangy, sweet, but spicy, with the right masala, and some magic. It's delicious.
Recommended dish - Veg berry pulav + caramel custard

Vegetarian people - relax ! This place has you covered.

This old man defines swag - also, he's quite the story teller.

6. The Yoga House - Bandra West

I think a lot of people panic when you put the onus of finding the 'right place' to meetup and have a lunch. If you're a vegetarian - then that panic level is 100 fold. But my friend managed to find one such cafe. It's a simple building that's 3 storey tall and each level has seating. The insides are done up so dreamily. There are huge windows and plants everywhere. There's diwan type seating that's so very comfortable. The menu is great too. Lots of raw and healthy food, with some great juices. I think I liked the ambience of this place best of all the eateries I went to.
Recommended dish - I am English Somerset Tartine + The booster energizer juice

Decided to go gentle on my tummy.

All the colours.

This space is #housegoals. I. So. Want.

7. Theobroma - Linking Road

I am a huge chocolate person - but for some reeason this place did not resonate with me. Maybe I ordered the wrong brownie. Don't get me wrong - there are tonnes of options to choose from so you'll never run out of things to order. But the expectations were quite high - eveyrthing I have read and heard. Reality was sombre. I may still go back and order something else.
Recommended dish - Ermm

I used to be quite fond of Candies - but I think it's great to try some new places. As I write this, I am actually asking myself why I took the flight back to Kuwait. Bombay gives most people who leave the place a sinking feeling - like going back is a mistake. The food just doesn't go wrong - doesn't matter where you go. Have you been to any of these? Which is your favourite eaterie in Bombay? I'd love to know, leave a comment below xx


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