Havelock - an untouched Paradise

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect of this small tropical island. The waters had slowly turned from dark blue to an aquamarine blue as we neared Havelock Island from Port Blair. I couldn't wait to get to where I was going to stay. Also, I was super excited. And with so much anticipation, comes a lot of pressure.

When on the way to the resort I was staying, I caught glimpses of the water. I wasn't sure if what I was seeing was indeed the sea, because I had never seen such a blue shade of the sea. So I waited patiently until we stopped at DiveIndia. I quickly, in less than five minutes total, changed and checked into my cottage. And then I took a stroll.
Note : Since after some thinking and research I chose DiveIndia to stay and learn my diving at, most of my Havelock description will be centered around the resort. I did ride around, but the resort pretty much had everything I could ask for.

The view from DiveIndia - where I stayed. Yes, it is real. Not Photoshoped..

The resort has it's own small beach, and over the next few days, I fell in love with this tiny beach of a paradise. To be honest, it didn't take a few days - it was love at first sight. The color of the water was light turquoise, not a shade darker. It was clear, sometimes pale sometimes vivid, sometimes the color of clear blue sky or sometimes, simply an indescribable shade. A couple of hammocks swung a little - lazily, a few healthy Golden Retrievers barked and ran and played and chased, the waves gently washed upon the soft beach, and most importantly, I felt at peace. I must say I am extremely happy to know that such beaches exist in our very own country - still not spoiled. I hope when I get back (for I am going back definitely), there are no plastic bottles and chips packets doing their rounds.

On the small beach was resting a pink boat. Can you believe, a pretty pink one. It was almost like someone (some smart one) realized that it was postcard perfect. Near the beach were a few hammocks - almost like from some far away dream.

DiveIndia spoke quietly of a time that stood still, almost like everyone who'd come here was out in the sea doing diving, or was relaxing in some corner of the beautiful green property reading. Even the happy go lucky dogs seemed to agree with the aura.

They loved all the attention they got btw.
If you guys want to learn diving, I'd recommend DiveIndia, which also happens to be Andamans oldest dive school. Tried and tested :) They have good instructors, a right balance between patience and fun, and helpful. I had a chance to learn with Vikas and Neity, and both were very nice ! Vikas, with his years of diving and teaching, gave me a lot of confidence on the first day. Even the instructors who didn't teach me were friendly and warm. The stay options are very decent, with options to suit your pocket. I loved that place, and it's a pity I couldn't stay longer as I had planned to. (More on that later - basically, I injured my foot, and I could barely walk, so I had to return home) Thankfully, I completed my Open Water Course (SSI) and some day soon, will do the advanced. You can find them on Tripadvisor here.

The day that I had taken a break from diving, I rented a scootie for 300 INR and rode around the island. The island did not let me down at all. The roads, especially from DiveIndia to Kalapathar beach (map towards the end) and beyond are extremely scenic.

Every time I saw the waters, I was so so in awe. Such crystal clear water.
Every now and then, these small magical pockets called out to me.
This was on the way to Kalapathar beach.
This guy lazed around on the soft sand.
The roads towards the south are almost empty and quiet.
Couldn't get over the fact that the road was so close to the waters !
The view.
2 - Kalapathar beach, 3 - where I rode till the south of the island,
4 - where i rode till, just a km shy of the famous Radhanagar beach.
Land meets sea !

You can get easily distracted, every portion of the island is that beautiful. Forests, meadows, roads by the water, white beaches, and more water :) I had a great time, and I'd definitely recommend you guys to travel to this paradise. The island has some of the most helpful people, and is generally considered quite safe for tourists. One thing you've got to keep in mind is that it is far  from the main land. internet connectivity is an issue, though I think that's a good thing - to be cut off from your smart phone for a few days. The place also gets dark quite early, and night life is almost not there. If you want to unwind, rest, rejuvenate, and basically slow down your pace, this is perfect. Also if you want to get a tan :D
You can read about reaching this island via Port Blair here: on a previous blog post. The Andaman Flavor.


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