Monsoon Trailing in Munnar

The long and winding road – leads right to the beautiful hill station called Munnar. I have frequented Munnar since I was a kid, it used to enchant me, but lately, I got bored of the place. So any time we plan a family trip, I say a big fat NO to Munnar. However, we have never gone there during the monsoon. So I did not mind this place one more time. Okay, to be honest, it’s a little dangerous – those long and winding roads with the rain lashing down.

The air slowly changes from humid and dusty to cool and clean. Driving up those last 40 kilometers is a joy in the rain – it’s just so green. And because of the constant rain, there are small waterfalls aplenty – apart from the ones that exist throughout the year.

One of the many water falls on the side of the road.

The water is cold, and it feels as though it's got magical properties.

Since the monsoons are considered to be off season, we decided to try our luck by just going to a resort we like and looking at options. We started on Saturday by around 8ish from Kochi. We stopped for breakfast and for some chai (obviously) on the way and we reached at noon. The town looked deserted. It was one of the side effects of having gone to a tourist place during the off season. We drove around a bit and decided to eat lunch – since we could not zero in on a place to stay. And our bhook was killing us. It affected our brilliant thinking you see.

We were ecstatic - it was so windy and there was a slight drizzle - and there was nobody around !

We stopped on this road, and the mighty wind blew our minds. It was too good.

We ate from The Eastend which is literally in the city center. The food was nice, we got time to Google places to stay. We had never heard of The Tall Trees before, and decided to check it out. This place (calling it T3) is an example of ‘Love at first sight’. The weather continued to be the same – it drizzled and poured in turns. The sun had no time to shine. T3 is around 7 kilometers before the main town, and hence, away from any traffic and pollution. Munnar seemed to refresh itself ever so often - a metamorphism essential to every being in existence.

"The trees are God's great alphabet
With them he writes in shining green;
across the world, his thoughts serene."

The three days that we were there we did nothing except chill at the resort – and occasionally – we would go on a drive to take in some majestic views of the valley below, the forest beyond or the tea plantations all around us. Munnar has carpets of Tea plantations – mostly owned by the Tata Group. Others include AVT group, Brooke bond etc. Most resorts arrange plantation tours, nature treks etc - you can opt for one of them.

The plantation workers along with other workers wear a sort of
raincoat so that come rain or sun, they can continue their work.

Tips :

  • Do not wear Crocs or some fancy sandals and woolen socks - there are several puddles and while you can always do a long jump, water is always going to seep in and wet the socks. Wear boots or sneakers.
  • For the night, when the temperature gets really low, carry a pair of warm socks.
  • Carry umbrellas - you'll definitely need them.
  • Resorts like the T3 are a little far from your nearest restaurant/hotel so I strongly recommend a meal plan where you get complimentary breakfast.
  • Don't pack shorts - you won't need them.
  • If you are going to Munnar for the first time, I suggest not going during the Monsoons - you won't be able to visit the national parks or any of the touristy places.
  • Buy some tea and essential oils (there are so many varieties) from the KDHP sales outlet.

Why off season ?

  • You get to stay at the best places at prices you can afford - T3 offers accommodation starting at around 20,000 INR in the peak season, and around 7000 INR in the off season.
  • The place is less crowded - this was one of the best reasons - Munnar finds itself teeming with tourists and the place is chaotic and loud during the peak season.
  • You get to take out your boots and your pretty umbrellas.
  • Thanks to the low traffic/ tourist density and the rains, you can literally drive around Munnar, choose a spot and dance on the road.
  • There are so many tiny waterfalls because of the constant downpour that every now and then, you get to spot one - you can wash your face with the cold and pure water.
  • The Saravana Bhavan has tables vacant - you don't have to wait in a queue to get a seat. (#win)
Stop your car in the middle of nowhere - wander outside - feel the breeze.
And the video :) I have started making small, amateur videos - keep the headphones on for the sound of cricket and also the winds.

Sights and Sounds of Munnar in the Monsoons from Shruti Shah on Vimeo.

Enjoy the Monsoons people ! Don't forget to have onion pakoras from Saravana Bhavan and dip your feet in the cold waters of a clean stream/waterfall.

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    1. Thanks Pooja ! Do visit Munnar in the rains. It's brilliant :)

  2. Lovely write up. Made me remember the trip and brought back amazing memories. Thanks dear. Keep up the good work.

  3. Awesome pictures. I have heard about Munnar but could not go there was i was in Bangalore.

    1. Hi Alok, thanks for stopping by my blog. You should definitely try and visit Munnar :)

  4. Wow. Munnar looks soon beautiful... I wonder how they are now, in peak monsoons.

    1. I just came back, trust me, it's too beautiful. Though you can hardly see the peaks because of all the mist :)