Amritsar and it's golden beauty - the Golden Temple

If you're living in Delhi, you must visit Amritsar. Not only for the Golden Temple or the Jallianwala Bagh but also for the amazing food this city of Punjab has to offer ( for the ladies - you get amazing dress materials - Pakistani suits and all )

We boarded ( Amritsar Express ) one of the many trains from New Delhi. We had booked a 3 star hotel basis some reviews on Trip Advisor. A few photos.

The way through Punjab, is rightfully dominated by fields and fields of paddy.

Amritsar Station

Our first stop for Breakfast - KH dhaba, they say, makes amazing food !

The parathas were so good ! The lassi here is so filling, that you think it could be the main course easily.

Jallianwala bagh - history being taught

Doesn't need a description.

A friend told me to sit by the pond and look quietly at the many golden fish. I did just that.
While sitting on the floor and watching people go by, I tried remembering the five k's we learnt about, the 5 items all sikhs must carry at all times. The kesh ( hair ) and keshki ( turban ) you can spot easily. This is what makes them so distinct. Apart from this, you can see most of them with a kirpan or dagger, the kara ( bracelet ) and well, am sure the kachera ( uniform - shorts ) is worn too.

The free lunch or 'langar' being prepared. Hundreds eat, Hundreds help.

The temple looks even more beautiful at night. The water glistens.

A water tower outside the temple.
We experienced a crazy sand storm. We were covered in sand, our phones and cameras had to be kept inside. The people there seemed a little used to it though.
Writing this post almost a year after visiting Amritsar. The thought of those amazing parathas with melting butter on top still makes my mouth water. The turban clad old men, the crowded streets dotted with dhabas, the shops that sell dress materials ( which Amritsar is famous for ), the lassi, the shine of the temple late in the evening, the feeling of walking through Jallianwala Bagh ( which we studied about in school ) where many died - Amritsar has much to offer.

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  1. Beautiful and spiritual post of Golden temple. Devotees should know the Golden temple timings, entry, location and other information to experience a smooth visit.

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