An endless story called Varkala, Kerala

A few photos.

We reached at night, so the entire pathway looked like a long glow worm. You could stare at this glow worm for hours, as the wind keep blowing on to your face, and on your bare skin, causing an occasional shiver. After smiling my satisfactory smile, I went and slept for a while on the hammock. There was a slight drizzle, the night was cloudy, the sea looked like a vast moor, and my view above was of black silhouettes of coconut trees. I felt in a state of ataraxia.

The next morning, the drizzle continued. The view was of morning calm, you know that theme we use in Microsoft Presentations. Green merging with the blue. We went down to the Papanasam beach.  This beach is said to have healing properties and powers to wash away sins. There were several fishermen shouting out into the sea, frantically waving at something. We looked upon but were so happy with the warm waves, we couldn’t care less. We then realized, as more and more fishermen from the sea came back to land, that rain was about to strike. Not just any rain, it was a strong torrential downpour. We went and safely stood under a shed, as everything got wet and the sea became furious. There was an abandoned puppy that was shivering. The shed above was shaking vehemently. Waves crashed on the rocks. Fishermen backed off. This was nature at its best. Raw and wild. I did not dare take photos, as it would have effectively caused my camera to go kaboom.

Can you see the grey of the sky ? A torrential downpour followed.
After the weather calmed, we went for a walk on that path again. It is a whole different experience in the morning. The milky white of the waves is so enchanting; you’d want to do a dive. You get the feeling you’re in a land far away, far far away from reality. I wanted that walk to last forever. That wind. That expanse of the sea. That unending sky. Those waters. Ocassional foreigners in their own world. Yes I’d like that forever.

Varkala is nestled away near the capital city of Kerala and is easily accessible by rail, air and road. It's still one of those places that has not been exploited by tourists - you'll easily find a quiet spot on the beach for some surfing, yoga or just sun bathing. Have you been to Varkala?


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  2. thats a very informative post...

    and given the details and picturesque panorama, Varkala should allure anyone to spend his/her holidays…
    thanks for sharing this one…
    I m sure you did have a marvelous time…

    1. Thank you. Yes I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is one of those get aways that sits in your mind for a long time ! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)