Kochiing for 23 years

Kochi city has carved a special soft corner for itself in my heart ! From the beautiful Marine Drive which drives a sense of peace into me every time my eyes rest up on the glistening waters to the bustling Fort Kochi which is full of shops and foreigners. I am in love with this place. I don't think I'll feel at home anywhere else !

Today as I was traveling by bus at 2 in the afternoon, not only was I hungry, I was feeling my skin burn ! As the bus turned onto foreshore road and I caught a glimpse of the back waters - the glistening blue green waters, I was tempted to run into the water ! It was better than any swimming pool I have seen ! I then wondered what I'd do once I leave Kochi ! The familiar sight of green cover as you fly into Kerala, the soothing walk through some paddy field, the grand Taj Malabar ; where a hostess greets you with a warm namaskaaram, the drum beats every time there is a shop / retail outlet inauguration, the temple festivals where if you're lucky you could spot a elephant, I could go on writing. My piece of writing would be incomplete if I don't mention the auto wallas.

There was this incident recently, where in I was struggling hard to argue with him in Malayalam. I was saying see bhiaya, I cannot pay more than 20. 30 is ridiculous. He then went on to explain, in 'English', that madam, go to a village like Kottayam if you want to pay 20 ; Kochi is a big city. I stood there shocked. I paid him 25 and walked away. I thought how big Kochi had actually become. It has been growing at a very fast pace. As a kid, the only super store I knew was Varkeys. Today there is Reliance, Niligiris, Aditya Birla's More, and loads of others. But when I look at that small gap between 2 tall buildings on Marine Drive and catch a glimpse of the glistening water, I feel at ease with myself and affirm my faith in Kochi ! It will always have an important place in my heart.


  1. Hello! I came across this piece on a late night trawl while searching for blogs or personal accounts that would hopefully point me to new places in this city. Having studied abroad for some years , Kochi has become quite alien to me. Furthermore, I just started working for the first time but it has forced me into this rut that is quite unbearable at times! I guess venturing out into other's blogs is an attempt to starve off a certain sense of desensitization as well as alienation that is creeping in. Anyway, some of your writings are positive in its approach towards perceiving this city and I guess I should try doing it. In fact, I have this sudden urge to go near that strip opposite Marine Drive in Willingdon Island, where the whole of the former is visible. I haven't done that in so long!

    Also, don't you hate it when there are almost no comments on a blog? Sometimes, when I write in mine, I feel like I am communicating to no one, except maybe future historians armed with data mining techniques, who will read it and make some generalised statement about the perils and hopes of the civilisation at present. What a bore! Anyway, I am going unashamedly post my blog here (and elsewhere if I find other nice and active ones), hoping at least some people read it. (www.gsnsunspots.blogspot.in) I guess we all want to connect with the world in different ways. Hopefully you may find it enjoyable :) Keep posting!

  2. Hi Morphine ! Glad that you appreciate the writing. Well, yes, willingdon island is so beautiful, even the city looks good from there. Hope you find peace in the city ! Cheers !