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 *This blog is no longer being updated*

After blogging for nearly 10 years, I am taking a break for a bit. I want to thank you for reading Pop of Joy - I truly loved writing and sharing a bit of my world with all of you. All the posts that have been published (68 in total) will stay as is.

Happy 2021, and thank you once again.

Food to try when in Singapore

Maybe, people do travel to Singapore for a holiday for their minds, souls & stomachs. Before I traveled to the small island city, a lot of friends & colleagues who'd already been there advised me to try everything edible (& in my case, vegetarian) in S'pore. My expectations were high. I was looking forward to some innovative food, designer cafes, local dishes & mind blowing desserts. And I wasn't disappointed. I've just put together some of the food I enjoyed (as a Vegetarian).

Seaweed Snacks : This is an acquired taste, but the more I ate, the more I wanted to eat. These are definitely a specialty of the far east and a must try.

Driving through Singapore City

Having stayed in the Middle East for the better part of a decade, I was so happy to be in Singapore. A light drizzle welcomed me. The island city is a tropical paradise with lush green on either side of the road. I used to take it for granted, but now that I stay in Dubai, I appreciate even a single tree. Every where I looked, grey clouds loomed over us, the trees bowed down on us and glistening buildings stood tall. These are only a few photos from my camera roll.

Tropical Island Colours of Zanzibar

Nestled on the east coast of Sub Saharan Africa, this small island has become very popular in the last couple of years. Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, a tropical island influenced by varied cultures, from India, Persia and the Arab world. The warm and lush tones of the island give the perfect backdrop for a relaxing holiday.

While walking the lanes of Stone Town - every corner and winding alley is truly an artist's delight. 

An Evening at the Louvre in Abu Dhabi

If you're an art lover, a design enthusiast or you're just looking to spend a couple of hours marveling at all the beautiful man made creations, you ought to visit the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. Nestled right beside the sea, capturing beautiful sunsets, the Louvre houses some of the oldest relics, manuscripts, paintings, statues, carvings, pottery, coins and art installations - to name a few.

The day was hot, touching the early 40s. But I think the moment I saw the soft ripples of water surrounding the building and the occasional wind, I was alright.

Below are just some of the photos from my visit. The whole experience was surreal to say the least.

The entrance reminded me of shrines in Japan.

Street Photography in Stown Town, Zanzibar

I visited Zanzibar almost 10 months ago but for some reason or the other - never got around to updating the blog. When I close my eyes - I can still see the light blue sparkling water of the ocean and the night sky - full of a million stars. But adjacent to the beaches is a small town - where the airport is located, where majority of the people stay - Zanzibar City. Stone Town, the cultural and UNESCO heritage site is close by.
The town has paved narrow alleyways and lanes, with locals dressed in colorful outfits. Small stores are adorned with intricate carved doors and plants.

You can see the clear blue sky as you walk down every lane in Stone Town.

Late Winter Beach Days in Dubai

February weather is perfect for a sun bath in the warm yet cool Dubai weather. A small wind from time to time, a luke warm sun, the cool waves. Since February, a lot of things changed. For one, beaches closed after WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic. So I am just reminiscing about my last few beach days.

A Gift Guide for Moms

It's always a good idea to surprise your mom. Surprise her with a random hug, may I say - call her for no specific reason (that's a surprise right? - in this social media slash whatsapp world), or give her a gift for no real reason. Mother's day is a reason - but you can always gift your mom - you don't need a reason.

I've put together some gift ideas in different price ranges. 

Gift your mom a spa voucher. There are plenty of options - you can buy a Taj Experience card on Amazon or even a digital voucher from Urban Clap for spa services.
Range is quite varied. 500 INR upwards.

If bold neck pieces is something your mom is fond of - you should check out Tesoro - The Trinket Box's collection. The artist conjures up eclectic jewelry which can be worn with a saree, indo-western or even a simple white salwar. You can see the designs and order via their Instagram profile.
Range : Around 2K INR