It's always difficult to write the 'about me' part. Easier to pen down thoughts on a specific topic actually.

I was born in Madras, India and grew up in the very beautiful Kochi, Kerala ! I did engineering, just like a lot of people who are left clueless after 12th grade. I then tried my hands at wedding planning and quite enjoyed it. But didn't think I could make a career out of it. Next what? I was always fascinated by number games and strategy. And so I entered the corporate world in 2012 and worked as a revenue strategist in the media industry for almost 4 years ! I then got married and moved to Kuwait where I spent 2 amazing years. I am currently in Dubai, living with my husband and enjoying some Middle Eastern luxuries.

I love writing, travelling and taking photos, yes, lots of photos. I write about topics that touch a chord with me, could be every day ramblings to travelogues to opinions about various subjects. This is my first blog post written in 2011 !

Sometimes, some of my posts are published on Holidify and you can find me here.

Some amazing blogging moments :

  • When a friend's sister reached out to me to express how I have inspired her to start her own blog ! Oooh lala !
  • When an acquaintance I met at an exhibition came up to me and told me that she reads all my posts :) Such an awesome feeling.
  • When an old colleague and friend called me to tell me how she could relate to my 'Engaged' post and we rekindled an old friendship !
  • When the co-founder of a travel ( destination discovery ) website reached out to me to request permission to re-publish a post. ( I was like, wow, it was a dream to contribute my story and information to a wider audience, and lo and behold )
  • When close family appreciates my writing. My sister and my fiancĂ© husband are my biggest critics - so when they say good things, something must be good somewhere !
  • I shot my first video recently (April 2017) and I am still kicked about it. It was in collaboration with a friend and fashion blogger, and it's on YouTube.

Featured in/Awards :

Baggout - http://blog.baggout.com/2015/06/05/top-15-love-relationship-posts-last-month-may-2015/

Holidify - https://www.holidify.com/blog/top-travel-bloggers-india/

Kuwait Up2 Date - http://www.kuwaitup2date.com/a-guide-for-newcomers-to-kuwait-by-shruti-shah/

Rayna Tours - http://blog.raynatours.com/indian-travel-bloggers/

Events High - https://www.eventshigh.com/post/202-Indian-Travel-Bloggers-Tell-Us-About-Their-Favourite-Destinations

To contact me for product reviews, writing assignments or travel related queries, drop me a mail at shrutidshah@gmail.com

Updated on June 26, 2017 !


  1. I have gone through all your posts today Shruti :) Its worth reading about your pre and post marriage experiences even for a person like me who doesn't even know you that well. The posts are finely articulated, maintains a good connect with the reader and most importantly are closely related to our day to day life ! :)

    1. Thank you so much Mansi. The blog posts are kept simple so the lay person can relate to it :)

  2. Your wanted to explore more of Kuwait. So giving heads up on this.
    1, Guided Tour of the Grand Mosque in Kuwait on 12th September 2015 Saturday
    2. Guided Tour of Hamed Al Fuzia Museum for Antiques on 14th September 2015 Monday
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    1. Thank you Syed, will definitely look into this :)

  3. Mariya SirajSeptember 06, 2015

    HI read your article A week in Kuwait on kuwaituptodate which forced me to read your blog. its been 9 months for me in kuwait and i feel you have seen the country with a different angle. love your posts:) looking forward for more kuwait reads.

    1. Hi Mariya, thank you and do come back to read some more. I can't sit in one place, so I keep exploring, no matter where I am :)

  4. Nice blogging, keep writting and enjoy your next destination.

  5. Can i get your e-mail address for work related query?

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