Valapad beach, Kerala

Kerala is dotted with beaches, most of which unnamed. Locals enjoy these hidden spots, and in some parts that are closer to the coast, it's almost like every neighbourhood has its own beach. We recently a) discovered and b) started frequenting Valapad beach. The drive is half the experience. We drove through the smaller roads, intentionally choosing to be away from the highways. We crossed so many bridges, I tried memorizing the names of the canals, rivers, backwaters, streams but eventually lost count. The smaller almost single lane roads are all lined with traditional houses, each with its own front yard, dogs, manicured bushes and coconut and mango trees. It being April, the mango trees were in abundance.

At some point, we started to smell the sea, this was after traversing through Kodungallur, Panangad, Perinjanam, Kaipamangalam, Koprakalam, Kazhimbaram. Kerala is one of the most densely populated states in India, and this is reflected as you drive through the lush greenery.

It probably is common across all beaches, but I always find it beautiful when I see sea weeds growing in the wild, outside the sea. Gorgeous Earth.
Tall trees.
This seemed very routine like, almost like the group met every weekend to play some cards.
Boats in the ready, parked at ease.
The moon shone gingerly, patiently waiting for the sunset.
I hope that when I return, in a few months or years, the beach is the same.
The golden hour. There must've been a hundred or so people at the beach, but at this hour, most were staring at the sunset, some with their phones out, taking photos, like me - capturing the moment.
The government (?), locals or some individual, had put up benches at the edge of the beach. Sitting on the bench and watching the sun go down, slowing down time, seemed like a pure luxury. Also, the rose pink after glow.
I'm not sure if anyone even lived here - just a small house by the sea under the coconut trees; the kind of house I drew as a kid.
Until next time and another beach.

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