Just Kochi Things - April '23

I stayed in Kerala for 10 days after years. It was nostalgic, humid, chaotic (the traffic was from another planet), warm, summer & rain at the same time, lush green. It was such a long week, and I remember every single day.

Individual houses practice burning waste, and with the whole Brahmapuram issue, this practice has become way too common.

The weather honestly changes in a matter of an hour, the clouds come rolling in.

I've seen this view for decades, just the height of the houses and the number of buildings changes. Houses add tanks, solar panels and roofed terraces over time, changing the landscape a tad.

The rain poured hard.

It's like coconut trees were built for slowly letting the rain drops slide off.

Never have I seen such a gorgeous snail.

Pothos growing wild in such a domestic setting, this is so common!

Kochi I have come to love and miss and get annoyed at - all together. I was lucky to see the rain in April.

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