Heritage Chettinad Inspired Homes

Chettinad heritage homes, combined with earth tones of traditional Manglorean homes hold a special place for me. Those wooden beams, high ceilings, ceiling fans that seem to go on forever, terracotta or red oxidized tiles, long and narrow hallways, antique wooden furniture, rattan chairs. I would not mind inheriting one such home. Alas, I do not have relatives, not even distant, that are linked to Chettinad or Mangalore.
Chettinad, along with Thanjavur and Kumbakonam, form a very tempting itinerary for someone who likes South Indian architecture, food, culture - i.e., a raw version of a slice of Indian heritage. 
While this is not a traditional Chettinad house, there was something about the antique furniture, the filtered sunlight, the hallway filled with books and vintage photos, that could, in my opinion, be termed a modern twist to a Chettinad house.
Simplicity filters sunlight in the most elegant way possible. Also, can we perhaps talk about the floor fan? 
There is something oddly comforting about a rattan lounge chair. Around 30 years ago, I knew an elderly man who would sit only on his lounge chair, and would watch the evening news daily. He never allowed me to sit there, and it was a serious matter if I would break that rule.
I don't know if there was a point in our modern history if rattan furniture was overshadowed by, I don't know, say wrought iron, but I'm certain that it's making its way back.
Again, this isn't a typical Chettinad home, but I could imagine if elements from this home could be fused into a traditional Chettinad house.
I love these lights; they speak of a rich history, delicate yet minimal chandeliers. The tiles are very common to these regions, they keep the floor cool in the hot summers.
Grilled windows are another common element of these homes, a tradition steeped deep.

Inspired by such beautiful homes, I am now collecting old photos, circa mid 20th century from my family archives and plan to put them up in my hallway, brining small elements into my home.

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