Teach Your Kids - A Refreshing Poem

My high school principal recently posted this on Facebook and it resonated so well with me. It's a poem written by Michael Guzder. I am a huge believer of getting your hands dirty with mud while you garden, observing little baby birds in their nest before their first flight, walking barefoot on the beach - where the waves have just left their impression, grass, sand dunes, snow, wet earth after a rain - wherever you can connect with mother earth. I am a proponent of learning a new language, a new instrument, a new dance perhaps? 

Every now and then, we come across a passage, a sound of music, a person, a story that makes us rethink how we live and laugh. This was one such for me, and that's why I thought of sharing it on the blog. While it reads 'Teach your Kids' - I think it applies to everyone.

Teach your kids - 

That earthworms don't bite

And butterflies don't sting.

That gekos are timid

And many birds sing.

That gardening

 is a great way to pass time 

And walking barefoot is fun.

That staying indoors is unhealthy 

 And plenty  can  be  gained

From playing  in the sun.

That reading books

 is not outdated

And board games 

Teach us more than we imagine.

That music is a stress buster

And  playing an instrument 

Is a great add on to a CV

That cuts, bruises  and scrapes 

Are part of growing up

And very normal.

That arguments and disagreements

Are not wars

 and cause no permanent scars.

That it's okay to lose

And no disgrace to place second or third.

That winning is great

But being defeated is a learning experience too.

Teach them these and more

And teach them well.

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