Shampoo bars from Lush : Worth a try

Lush is definitely one of my favourite brands. Their soaps smell like heaven. If you have ever used any of their products - you'll agree with me. But I never got around to the idea of using a soap as a shampoo. It felt like a step backward. I mean there's a reason that most brands have liquid shampoos and not a soap to wash off grime from your hair.

A few months ago, I had coloured my hair an ombre. But that incident messed up my hair so bad. To somehow get my hair to be manageable I would run a hot iron through my hair just to look alright for that day. My hair became so dry and damaged and that I had to chop off the ends twice in just a few months.

I took a resolution this June to stop straightening or curling my hair - even if there was an important event.  I haven't yet coloured my hair after last time's debacle. My hair thankfully didn't get worse but wasn't getting better. So I started a series of different experiments. Olive oil massages. Caviar treatment. Almond oil. Virgin Coconut oil. But recently, I decided to experiment with my shampoo. I was using a colour protect shampoo - Kerastase - which is good - just not good enough for my extremely damaged hair.

A few weeks ago - I decided to try out the Lush soap/shampoo for dry and damaged hair. I had so many preconceived notions before buying it and I'll address some of them here. Inspite of it being a soap, it lathers pretty well and pretty fast. You may have used a soap shampoo to be disappointed as it didn't lather well. But the lush one works pretty well.

After one wash - my hair felt so soft. I was still not jumping the gun but I was really hopeful about this product. I have now used the soap for almost 3-4 washes and my hair is slowly getting better.

Does the soap melt all too fast?
I remember buying a soap shampoo a few years ago - but it disintegrated really fast and I was quite upset as I had spent a fortune. So while talking to the adviser at the Lush shop here, she gave me a really simple tip. Once you use the soap - you need to wash the soap - free of any lather and then dry it. This way, the soap lasts long. It probably is a 'no-brainer advice' but I'm happy the adviser gave me the simple tip.

How do you use it?
The adviser also suggested I lather the soap onto my hands and also onto my hair directly. And this has worked well. I mean I'm so happy I'm using less than half the chemicals I used to use on my hair while also noticing that my hair feels softer than before. The plus ? The mild syrupy sweet fragrance it leaves on your hair.

Which one is for dry hair?
As my hair was dry and damaged - I bought the 'Honey' shampoo which you can buy here . But you can ask the adviser what suits your hair best.

Also - it's environmentally friendly.
Buying a simple soap shampoo actually reduces the plastic pollution. I mean every time we buy a shampoo in a plastic jar - we're adding so much to our carbon footprint. These soap bars are a perfect alternative.

Would you swap your shampoo for a shampoo bar ? Also, are there any really great products that you used for your hair that helped restore the damage ? I'd love to know.

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