Foreign language love on Netflix

So I watched 2 Spanish movies back to back and I absolutely loved both. What am I doing only watching English movies when Peru and Spain and Mexico are coming up with some amazing stories? The most recent movie I watched was 'How to get over a break up'. Now I know that the title is really cheesy, but the movie is really well made. All the characters are well developed, the setting is beautiful - I mean you can watch the movie just for the house, and the story is well written and it leaves you inspired.

How to get over a break up - I basically love stories based in cities around the world - that side of the world that doesn't really get a stage on Hollywood or Bollywood. This movie is based in Lima and that was enough to convince me to click on play. It's the story of 28 year old woman that goes by the name 'Fe' who gets dumped in the beginning of the movie by a guy whom she has been dating for 6 years! The movie is about her journey as she starts to understand who she truly is, and the movie shows how she goes over all the stages of a break up - the denial and the anger and the negotiation and the depression - I don't remember all the stages to be honest. We get to see some really nice characters like her friends, colleagues and her ex as well - and some of them get their own sub story.

I love how the movie ends - I can't say it wasn't expected - we all have seen enough series and movies in our lives to predict endings. But this was a great foreign language movie for me and if you are subscribed to Netflix - a must watch.
If you want to check out some other foreign movies / series - you can try some of these which I watched on Netflix.

Isi & Ossy - Set in Mannheim & Heidelberg in Germany, this is a romantic comedy of two opposites - a boxer and a wanna be chef. It's always a good watch when opposite worlds collide.

No Estoy Loca (I am not crazy) - the story of how a woman accepts and understands herself. It's a light comedy, about life, heart breaks and importantly, also about mental health. Set in Chile.

The Tribe - a story of a man who goes through a rough patch, a loss in memory and ultimately a true finding of himself. Again, it's a light, feel good drama and has lots of dancing. Set in Spain.

The Red Thread - This movie started off as a light romantic drama but kept getting more deep. I don't know how I feel about this movie to be honest. I guess I lean more towards romance+comedy genre and this was mostly romance. A fateful encounter of 2 people that would start a passionate story.

I also watched Valeria - a Spanish series centered around 4 girl friends in Madrid. The series gives off a Sex & the City feel but also has a lot of original flavor. I found it fun, lighthearted for the most parts and towards the end, the episodes left me wanting more. (There is a season 2 coming!!)

And finally, a series - that is if you're looking for something longer - that I really liked was 'The hookup plan'. A French romantic-comedy drama series. The characters are all amazing and if you're looking for some fun+love in Paris - watch this one.

Hope you liked these recommendations - let me know if you have any other reccos. Have a great day.

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