Ladakh, through his lens.

I have always wanted to travel to Ladakh, but for some reason or another - that magical trip never materialised. Sometime in June this year, just before we left for Thailand, my husband was planning what he called 'a dream trip' with a couple of his friends - he was planning a road trip to Ladakh in September. I knew I wasn't going to get leave, in fact - for once in my life - I did not even have the required days off. Yes, it is a real problem - a lot of my friends have asked me how I travel so much - well, there you go, I sat this one out.

My husband came back a couple of weeks ago, and I was excited to have him back. But he literally seemed disoriented. I was initially confused, but then I realised once you've seen something so beautiful, lived a dream and then have to come back to reality, it takes a toll for a few days.

Together, we went through clips, photos, narratives and candid dialogues. Towards the end, I was craving to go to Ladakh myself - but as they say, all in good time. Some things can not be rushed.

Ladakh - through his lens -

" Ladakh - a journey to heaven, from the most beautiful place on earth "

Road to Ladakh.

You can see the shadows of the clouds, moving ever so lazily.

Cold water rushing sophiticatedly, the waters here know their path for centuries - nothing has changed.

That blue sky.


The mountains here make you realise you're but one millionth of who you think you are

Sands here shall remember you, unchanged in time.

Stand and stare, you shall not get bored.

Stacked stones, offerings to the local gods, for good luck.

Second highest motorable pass in the world.

This one gushes by quite shyly.


As you go higher, you're presented with snow. Take a bow, say thank you. After everything we do, nature is forgiving.

Clouds and Snow play a match - who's the fairest of the two ?


The Diskit Monastery, Ladakh, September 2016

Diskit Monastery, Buddha.

Prayer flags never get tired of the wind.

Break, the sheep say so.

Some bollywood drama, part of the fiming location for 3 Idiots 

Sun. Snow. Water. Land.

Pangong Lake, September 2016

Forget grey, so many beautiful shades of blue.

Marmots, lovable creatures. Say hello.

Time to say goodbye to heaven.

But the place gives you one last chance, to remember that nature is forgiving.
PS - no editing or retouching has been done to any of the photos. All shot on iphone. Please do not copy without credit.

If the photos do not justice, which I think they do, they so do, a lot of justice (I sometimes think we as humans do not deserve so much beauty), my huband also made a couple of videos - which capture the love he and his friends felt for Ladakh. Do take a watch. They're beautiful.

Part 1

Part 2

What part did you enjoy the most ? I still get goosebumps everytime I see the prayer flags fly in the wind near Pangong lake. It's almost as the though the scene is from a distant dream, like heaven. I loved the little mormots too, they're so adorable. I wonder why nobody picked one up and gave the guy the biggest hug ever !

Ladakh has been on so many peole's bucket list, and I now know why. The place, the mountains and valleys, deserts and plains, snow and sands, old monastries and almost non existent villages, echoes peace. I know that a trip like this is a life altering one, you realise you're very tiny, surreal and temporary.

The best way to explore the place is by hiring a jeep / car from Manali and stopping every now and then, becasue the place is so gorgeous. From Manali, you would have to go to Leh, then higher towards the highest motorable passes in the world and then drive back to Leh. Leh and Manali both have airports in case you're short on time !

Have you been to Ladakh ? I can't wait to go, but for now, I can't stop staring at these beautiful photos.


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