From Thailand, with love - part 2

I hope you guys enjoyed reading the Part one of this series. If not here's the link ! I have been procrastinating writing about the lovely Pattaya and Bangkok - but it's finally here :)
Pattaya, is a very lively city, it is more tourist oriented, as though it was build as an after thought. Pattaya is also infamous for being the unofficial sex tourism capital of the world - information I did not know until I was actually in Pattaya.

We took a Bangkok airways flight from Phuket to Pattaya. It was a really small turbo-prop aircraft, and I was already feeling uneasy at the thought of the turbulence, the rains did not help either. But the service, like everywhere else we had stayed and encountered, was top notch. I loved their inflight magazine - I read the whole thing :)

We had arranged with our Airbnb host to arrange for pick up, because honestly, we were tired, and we did not want to struggle with finding the location. Our driver was very friendly, upon seeing my excitement, he would offer to stop to take a few photos. (Where else would that happen ?)

Our stay was wonderful, the neighborhood was quiet - we stayed in South Pattaya, near the Jomtein beach. We hired a scooter because we wanted to be more mobile.

Day 1 :

We first went for a swim. We were that tired. We just lazed around in the pool, overlooking the sea, with the sky a pale pink. We then went to the Walking street. Every time I here 'something' street, I remember Colaba Causeway, and visualize a street full of vendors selling artifacts, accessories, food, street artists, the whole deal. The Pattaya walking street was all that, but there was one stark difference which you wouldn't find in most other streets. - The go-go bars. Initially we were surprised, but it seemed like every third shop was a go-go bar. We soon realized that the street was probably famous for these very go-go bars. We also chanced upon a local Thai-boxing match - we stood for a bit and watched, as 2 boxers entertained the audience.
Time goes real fast here - and we called it a day.

Day 2 :

We were in 2 minds what to do - some destinations we plan, some we don't. In Pattaya we just went with the flow. Which was just as well, because as we rode, we were caught by cops. For not wearing helmets. Of course I wasn't wearing a helmet, but it is mandatory in Pattaya. We panicked for a moment, the cop smiled and we were asked to go to the police station. Oh, he collected our license - for safe keeps. We panicked more. The Thai have a way of smiling their way to anything. One never knows what they're truly thinking.

We spent the next hour or two waiting for our turn to pay the fine, there were quite a few expats and locals there. The system was efficient, you take a token and wait for your turn. You then pay your fine, wear your helmet and ride again to first collect your license. You do not take off your helmet again !

We had lunch at a fine south Indian restaurant - I was craving a Dosa. We then went to the Buddha temple - the temple was literally on top of a hill - which made the place extremely windy. I loved this place - would totally recommend it to anyone who goes to Pattaya - away from the noise of vendors and dancing girls.

A few more shots that I couldn't help capture - the place was screaming of tranquillity and serenity.

That evening, we got our selves tickets to the Alcaraz Cabaret. Tiffany's, which is supposedly the best, was sold out. But we weren't disappointed as Alcaraz had good ratings too. The cabaret was splendid - we did not realize that 60 minutes few. It took about 5 odd minutes for each performance - with a new set, new costume and new theme every time. It was an amazing evening.

Day 3 :

We had a lazy breakfast, walked to the nearby Jomtien beach and then left for Bangkok.

There are plenty of buses that ply between Pattaya and Bangkok - and honestly - they're convenient. I loved this journey - away from the buzzing cities - the real Thailand.

You can read the third and last part of the series here.


  1. Haha!! "Good guys goes to heaven, bad guys goes to Pattaya" is the perfect quote is perfectly fine for THailand

    1. Yea :) quite apt for the place, especially the Pattaya walking street.

  2. i went to phuket last year..and it was awesome place