The chaos of a Delhi to Jaipur journey

(I was flying in from Kuwait - boarded by 10 am - via Abu Dhabi to Delhi, I was supposed to land by 8 pm. I had a bus to Jaipur at 11 pm from Dhaula Kua, and I had taken a room in Paharganj.)
Let me first tell you that while my planning was quite perfect, I didn't account for a few things. Flight delays for one. My flight, at a transit point, got delayed by almost an hour: why you may ask ? Somebody wanted to disembark after the flight was cleared for take off. Which meant that for this one person, the staff had to hunt for the one bag from all the luggage of all the 330 odd people flying. Also, the pilot tested our patience by saying ten more minutes every fifteen minutes for an hour. I look forward to flying- the feeling of drifting through powdery white clouds and beautiful skies. But the more number of flights I board, the lesser I seem to enjoy the experience. Is that the case for everyone? Suddenly I crave a quiet train journey, but for the bathrooms ! 

After landing in Delhi, I had 2 choices. Either to go straight to the bus stand or to a room I had booked so I could freshen up. I chose the latter, and unfortunately, did not account for the traffic. (What was I thinking - it's Delhi) I reached - much after the normal check in hours (I reached around 9 pm), to find my room not ready. I was fuming. They had 9 hours to get my room ready !To be precise, I was calm, but I could've screamed at the manager, I was so close. 

They gave me another room, in another hotel, and I had to walk the distance with my suitcase. I had booked a room with Oyo rooms. Wanted to see what the fuss was about. Overlooking the fact my room wasn't ready, I must say I had a decent experience. The room was nice, comfortable and had all the basic amenities you can ask for at $12. I was running short on time, so dinner would have to be quick - and also, must I add sheepishly, I was craving a veg burger. I stopped at McDonalds and grabbed a Mc Veggie. I was walking with my one big suitcase throughout.

I had a bus to Jaipur, I'd booked it on Redbus. And again, because of the traffic - I almost missed the bus. There's round the clock traffic - guaranteed traffic jams everywhere. The auto guy seemed quite friendly but obviously was smart to know I was running late and hence charged a bomb. Oh wait, going back to Oyo, the wifi was weak and hardly present in my room. That drove me nuts. (Oyo, up your wifi, or don't sell your rooms stating 'free wifi', okay?) It's also odd that I expected fast wifi - or is it ? To top it all, my India number wasn't still working. We've become so dependent on the Internet that saying it is no longer a cliche, it's a fact. After getting into this bus (I'd booked a sleeper, I am done traveling in semi sleepers) from where I wrote this, I had a moment of panic, and at the time, I hoped it would be the last for that day. I saw no women in the bus. Isn't it comforting, as a woman solo traveler, to see a fellow woman ? Even if it's an old grandma. Anyhow, at the next stop, a bunch of ladies did get in. That literally came as a breather. In a day, a cab, a plane, an auto and a bus. 

I slept quite peacefully.
It had been a long day, and I couldn't wait to shop in Jaipur. That night, I dreamt about bazaars and street food. I slept well :)
What am I going to keep in mind ? Well, what has to go wrong, will go wrong, if you haven't yet met Murphy, say hello. 
  • And, also, be reasonable on yourself while planning a trip. 
  • Keep sufficient time in between buses, flights, boats whatever. 
  • If possible, call your hotel to confirm before you check in. 
  • While you check in, you may have to produce an id proof, whatever it is that you choose to use, take it back. I almost forgot my id proof with the receptionist. 
  • If you're running late, I suggest you don't sit to charge your electronic gadgets. While your phone/tablet may get maybe 5% to 10% charge, chances are you'll forget your charger at the hotel. 
  • Basically, just be kind to yourself and don't put so much pressure on yourself, like I did today.
Have you had any crazy experience like this one, especially when you were alone ? Leave a message :)
PS : I wrote this while I finally got to rest my feet in the Volvo - so the blog is essentially what I was feeling at the spur of the moment.


  1. Traveling is always a learning experience!

    1. Very true Indrani, every time I go on a trip, I'm learning something new.

  2. Jaipur from Delhi by Road is a terrible experience. We once took 8 hours to reach. Anyway, once in Jaipur, do try the milk cake at LMB if you are fond of sweets.

    1. Thanks so much for that tip. I did have a great lunch from LMB. And yes, Delhi to Jaipur is quite a journey !

  3. ok now I understand why you havent been responding to my emails! :)))

  4. this is ahmed from bazaar magazine by the way ;)

    1. Hey Adly, I figured :) really sorry about the delay in reverting. And yes, been traveling a little ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience.