10 Beautiful Travel Words

I have always been fascinated by words I find difficult to translate, pronounce, but those that sound so magical. When I heard the word Wanderlust for the first time, let's just say, I abused the word for a long time, before any other word even came close for me to use it. And then Fernweh happened. I have compiled some beautiful words from different languages which have the potent of transporting you to another world.

1. Carpe diem - verb, Latin - enjoyment of the pleasure of the moment without a worry of the future ( reminds me also of Hakuna Matata ) , Seize the day.

2. Fernweh - noun, German - a longing for far off places, far-sickness - "Watching the lone cyclist on the long road, that seemed like it had no end, made her feel fernweh"

3. Mangata - noun, Swedish - the road like reflection of the moon on water - this has got to be one of those words that describes - in one word - a beautiful phenomena

4. Trouvaille - noun, French - a lucky find, chancing upon an underwater cave maybe?

5. Yoko meshi - noun, Japanese - the peculiar stress induced by speaking a foreign language - At some point, we all get yoko meshi, we try our best to explain what we want, in a language we have no clue about.

6. Waldiensamkeit - noun, German - one can't exactly translate it, but roughly means 'feeling of being alone in the woods'- Have you ever felt waldiensamkeit?

7. DolaƟmak - verb, Turkish - to wander or roam - It has it's origins in the beautiful Persian language.

8. Rimjhim - noun, Hindi - the falling of slow rain - popularized by the song from '1942 - a love story'

9. Hanyauku - verb, Kwangili Namibia - act of walking on tiptoes on warm sand. If you've gone on a desert safari, in day light, you'll know what this means !

10. Shinrin-yoku - noun, Japanese - literally means forest bathing - This sounds so 'fairy tale' like. Probably means spending more time in the forest and connecting to nature !

Have you ever heard of some of these ? Do you have any more to add ? Do comment below/ share :)
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