Malaysia Diaries - Part 1

Malaysia – as a famous advert proclaims – is truly Asia. You find people from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Korea and of course native Malaysia. We were staying at a luxurious studio apartment that we booked on – it had a swimming pool on the 30-something floor overlooking the Petronas Towers. We were not complaining. We first spent a couple of nights in KL. Then we went to Langkawi ( Part 2 )

KL is a very clean city with beautifully architectured high rise buildings. The city is famous for housing the once tallest tower – Petronas Towers. Come day or night – this is still a marvel to look at. 

The world famous Petronas Towers

But apart from the famous Petronas towers, KL has so much to offer. 

Things to do :

1. Take a cab and go to the natural Hot Springs – On the way stop by at the King’s palace and the Batu caves. 

The Kings Palace - overlooking the city

The long stairway to Batu caves

The tallest statue of Lord Muruguppa
Once inside the caves, you'll realize that natural light enters from cave openings on the top - it's beautiful
The water is piping hot - it's said to have medicinal properties
They like their cats.
2. Go to the Thean Hou Temple – it’s a Chinese temple in the heart of KL.

3. For all those of you haven’t ever been to an underwater aquarium – ( well this is actually not one ) – the Aquaria in KLCC comes quite close. You can spot sharks and rays.

4. For the music lovers, there’s a Dewan Filharmonik or Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra ( you can actually book tickets and check the lineup of plays online ). Even if you’re not a fan of orchestra, a couple of hours here will surely leave you awestruck. ( Couldn't take pics - not allowed - but it's huge and grand I assure you )

5. Finally the shopping ( Yes ! I haven’t forgotten the shopaholics who go to KL just for shopping ) – From some of the uptown malls to street shopping, KL has it all. We went to the Petaling Street Market ( You must negotiate ! )

We had also traveled to a nearby town called Kuala Selangor to watch fireflies -  I wouldn't say it was the best experience but the drive in a new country is always beautiful. We were taken in a boat in the dark ( I think around 7 - 8 PM ) - we did see a few fireflies flickering in the dark alongside the river.

Something I always do every time I visit a new place is walk around and explore a little on my own. You’ll be surprised.
While walking around the Petronas Towers, we came across this 
very green and cool patch of trees (in the concrete jungle !)

With Air Asia and other airlines having sky wars, you're sure to get a good deal to KL. Visa is going to cost you a bit ( It's approx 4k currently I guess ). Food even for vegetarians isn't a problem ! You'll always find your Saravana Bhavan :) For acco, I suggest you check the online portals / or yatra ( We booked using as we wanted an apartment of our own ) - To make the most of your holiday, visit the nearby Genting Highlands or Langkawi or the Malacca straits. The currency is Malaysian Ringitt ( Approx 20 INR = 1 RM )

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